Bookkeeping Machines
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Bookkeeping Machines

This group of machines are bookkeeping machines of the high keyboard type. There were many machines that eventually were sold as bookkeeping machines by Burroughs, most driven by paper handling and carriage options. As an example, the Burroughs typewriter was modified to be sold as a bookkeeping machine around WWII. The Class 1 and 2 high keyboard adders were also sold and used as bookkeeping machine.  This section has the focus of the Class 6 machines, a version of the basic Class 1 design. 

The Burroughs Bookkeeping machines were made in several models featuring different keyboard configurations and carriage options.  The basis of the machines is a high, full keyboard with adding and direct subtraction capability, with a look very close to the Class 2 machines.

Used by many commercial businesses, they were also found in bank settings.

To differentiate visually between a Class 6 and a Class 1 Model 6, the actual model of the Class 6, like 6553, was stamped on the serial number area in the same manner and above the serial.

Class 6 - Single counter, high keyboard, blind printing, with direct subtraction

Date Range -- 1915-193x

Original Price -- $850-$1100

Today’s Value -- $150-$300  

 Note the model number just above the serial number.